what is an LMC

What is an LMC?

LMCs (Local Medical Committees) have existed since 1911 by Statute to represent the interests of General Medical Practitioners who practice their skills and are recognised by the NHS Act 2006 as the elected professional body fulfilling that role.

The work of the LMC is both challenging and rewarding. Its main underpinning principle is to represent the interests of General Medical Practitioners both individually and as a class and to ensure fairness and transparency for the constituents.

Wolverhampton LMCThe LMC represents the providers and consults with the Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England on several areas including:

  • Planning and provision of Primary Care Services
  • Enhanced Services
  • List closure and assignment of patients
  • QoF Monitoring and disputes
  • Out of Hours arrangements
  • Contract monitoring and disputes
  • Premises quality standards
  • Vacancies and practice splits.

The LMC can also work with you on a personal level

  •  Support and advice at times of difficulty
  • Source of advice on a variety of matters – eg pensions
  • GMC difficulties
  • Advice on revalidation and appraisal

Wolverhampton LMC Meeting Dates 2019

  • January  Tuesday 22nd
  • February Tuesday 26th
  • March Tuesday 26th
  • April Tuesday 23rd
  • May Tuesday 28th
  • June Tuesday 25th
  • July Tuesday 23rd
  • August No  Meeting
  • September Tuesday 24th
  • October Tuesday 22nd
  • November Tuesday 26th
  • December No Meeting

What do we do locally?


Expectations of LMC Members

  • Be passionate about General Practice and working with colleagues to help shape the future of General Practice locally.
  • Helping our colleagues in times of need.
  • Attend monthly LMC meetings.
  • Attend Sub Committee meetings engaging with other Stakeholders such as Public Health and provide reports to the committee

How to get involved in the LMC?

Become a constituent

  • By working as a partner or salaried doctor in a practice that pays a levy to Wolverhampton LMC.
  • As a locum, you can join us if you work predominantly in Wolverhampton and are not on any other LMC.

Become a Committee Member:

  • Any constituent can attend a meeting of the LMC.
  • Date and times of meetings can be accessed by LMC office.

Wolverhampton LMC Meetings

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Wolverhampton Medical Institute, New Cross Hospital at 6.30pm.

You can be co-opted to the Committee at a meeting or stand for election every 2 years.

 map of New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton